glued gels sticking to both plates

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> For 13 years, I have glued sequencing gels to their short plates. The only
> problems I ever had were initially, when I neglected to clean the excess
> glue off the plate with several EtOH wipes. The result was diffusion of the
> glue across the gel, adhering it to the long plate. This caused the matrix
> to neatly split midway through its plane when the plates were separated.
> Not a pleasant sight!
> Suddenly, it's happening again! Not across the entire gel surface, but
> generally near the spacers, or towards the bottom of the gel, especially in
> the corners. Very embarrassing, as I actually *teach* sequencing to people
> around here!

I would say that probably your sigmacote is not working very well. Many of
the coating solutions used for that purpose have shelf lives and eventually
don't work anymore. Buy some new stuff or do what I do and use Rain-X. You
know the stuff they use for windsheilds on cars. Works actually better than
sigmacote ever did. 
Happy sequencing,

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