How to dry a polyacrylamide sequencing gel on the glass plate.

Wasun Chantratita asmsi002 at CMU.CHIANGMAI.AC.TH
Mon Mar 28 10:39:18 EST 1994

Dear Netters

	I am now involving with nonisotopic DNA sequencing techniques. 
One of the techniques is the silver staining sequencing gel. In brief, one
of the glass plate has to be treated with a binding solution to chemically
cross-link the gel to the glass plate to prevent tearing of the gel during
the silver staing protocol. After staining, we usually get a faint sharp
bands on the gel. In order to get a permanent record with a darker bands
(according to Promega's protocol), in the dark room, we place stained gel
attached to glass plate(gel side up) on a fluorescent light box. The the
special EDF film will then place on top of the gel. Turn the light box on
for 20 seconds.  The film can be then developed using standard protocol
for developing of autoradiographic film. 

	My problem is before EDF film development on top of the gel. The
gel must be complete dried. Drying gel on the glass plate, very often that
small clack occur on our gels. Therefore, we will be deeply appreciated
that anyone out there can shade us some light of how to dry polyacrylamide
gel on the glass plate with out breaking or clacking.  


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