Double stranded DNA sequencing

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> |> Try using Promega's Magic Mini-prep columns (or whatever they are calling
> |> them now).  We get 100% sequencable DNA with these.  Fast, easy and give
> |> readable sequences.  
> They're calling them "Wizard PCR preps" now ... and associated with the name change is a major
> change in the composition of the resin.  Be careful.  We've found with ca. 600 bp PCR products
> that the column "eats" about 200 ng of the loaded DNA.  If your prep has less DNA than this ...
> (the "Magic" formula gave better yields in our hands).
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It seems like a lot of companies have recently changed their products for
the worse.  We can't get the TACloning kits to work anymore, the cycle DNA
cDNA synthesis kit used to be great, but then they took out the methyl
mercury and made it the same as all the other cDNA kits.  Now the Magic to
Wizard switch.  Did they do away with the mini-prep kits altogether, or is
this the new version of what was called the Magic PCR clean-up kit?  I
didn't have great luck with that to begin with.  Seemed like it was a
different animal from the Mini-prep kit ( of course its a different type of
DNA that it was supposed to work with).
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