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Brian Foley brianf at med.uvm.edu
Tue Mar 29 00:08:42 EST 1994

	I'm re-posting this note that Rob Harper posted over a year ago.
It is now possible to find FAQs (Frequently asked questions and their
answers) at many other places on the Internet besides Finland. 
	If you don't know what GOPHER is, it would be wise to learn 
(if you don't have access to GOPHER you are missing out on the simplest
way to find information via the network).  
	If you want to know what is on the Internet, before you invest
a lot of time learning how to get access to GOPHER, start with Una
Smith's "Biologists' Guide to the Internet".

From: harper at convex.csc.FI (Rob Harper)
Subject: Re: BIOSCI/bionet Frequently Asked Questions
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Organization: Finnish Academic and Research Network Project - FUNET

You can now read  BIOSCI FAQ I and BIOSCI FAQ II on the Finnish EMBnet gopher
Both files have been slightly modified so that you can read individual
questions and answers rather than having to scroll through the whole text
to get to what you want. You will find them in the FAQ FILES directory.

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% CLIP %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

                          The BIOSCI FAQ II

      1.  BIOSCI FAQ II (Contents).
      2.  What is BIOSCI and bionet?.
      3.  What newsgroups are available on BIOSCI/bionet?.
 -->  4.  What is USENET?.
      5.  How can I get news software at my site?.
      6.  Requesting or canceling e-mail subscriptions to BIOSCI newsgroups?.
      7.  Why are BIOSCI e-mail subscription requests not processed by machi...      8.  Why are there two BIOSCI sites?.
      9.  How does one know to which newsgroup a message was posted?.
      10. What is the "BIOSCI-REQUEST" address?.
      11. How does one post a message?.
      12. How can I get a list of newsgroups or my subscriptions?.
      13. Why have I stopped getting messages?.
      14. I posted a message and got back an error message from a daemon!!.
      15. Where (and how many times) should I post my messages?.
      16. How do I find back issues of BIOSCI postings?.
      17. Is there a summary of METHODS-AND-REAGENTS postings?.
      18. How does one start a new BIOSCI newsgroup/mailing list?.
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