Matchmaker 2 hybrid system

Tue Mar 29 00:22:31 EST 1994

Z.Xiong wrote:
Z.X.>I was interested in the Matchmaker system and did a litle research
Z.X.>on it. It appears working with eukaryotic protein that are
Z.X.>targeted into nuclei. If you are interested in a cytoplasmic
Z.X.>protein, the chance for it to work is slim. I hoped to use this
Z.X.>system to study RNA virus-host gene interaction, but eventually
Z.X.>abandoned this idea for that reason. 
Z.X.>Hope this helps. Correct me if I am wrong. 

It is necessary for the fusion proteins to be localized to the nucleus to give a
 signal with the 2 hybrid system. However, the GAL4 domains in the MATCHMAKER 
vectors provide the nuclear localization sequences.  It is not necessary for the
 proteins being studied to contain their own nuclear localization sequences.

Paul Kitts
CLONTECH Laboratories Inc.

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