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> Hi,
> I am doing transfection exp. on undifferentiated and DMSO-induced 
> differentiated HL-60 cells.  The B-gal activity driven by SV-40 promoter is 
> always 3-fold lower in differentiated HL-60.  Here comes the question!  Is 
> SV-40 promoter down-regulated in differentiated cells?  If I need to 
> normalize my transfection data, is there any other promoter I can use which 
> is not regulated during differentiation?
> Jonghwei

On a similar note,

When transfecting into chick primary cortical neuronal cultures with
SV40-luc construct as compared to neuronal promoter-luc constructs i found
the SV40 construct to have higher activity......However, when same cultures
but instead from rat i found the reverse......

That SV-40 prom..... is a funny puppy!

BTW how can a promoter be down-regulated, do you mean the factors to drive
it are not present in some cell-types!!! Maybe so.

Happy transfecting

Martin Leach

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