RNA from CsCl or Quiagen plasmid?

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Tue Mar 29 02:26:17 EST 1994

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Steven Coon  <sdcoon at umich.edu> wrote:

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>> I remember looking at a few articles on the network 
>> regarding RNA transcription from plasmids, but at the 
>> time I discarded them because I simply could not read all 
>> the postings.  I now would like the information but I 
>> cannot access the archives from my computer.  Company 
>> security only allows us to send and receive mail.  I 
>> would greatly appreciate it if some one could tell me 
>> about RNA transcription from Quiagen/Wizard plasmid preps 
>> vs. CsCl.  Does the RNase used in the Quiagen/Wizard 
>> preparations destroy in vitro transcripts.  I suppose it 
>> would be better to use CsCl purified plasmid instead.
>I totally agree with the other posting. The Qiagen columns work very well
>and much better than CsCl. However note that the lysing solution eventually
>goes bad and so the yeild declines with time. But all you need to do is
>make up new stuff which consists of 0.2M NaOH,1% SDS in water. The columns
>will give you 2-5 times more yeild in general and it can all be done in one
>afternoon. Contamination of genomic DNA is almost zero. The kit provides
>you with RNase but I always add alittle fresh RNase A to solution I before
>I procede anyway. Besides CsCl does not totally eliminate RNA or genomic
>unless you spin several times and you have to treat those samples with
>RNAse too. Alot more work for less plasmid.
>Steve Coon
>sdcoon at umich.edu
>University of Michigan Medical Center

I totally agree too.
I've used Quiagen prepared DNA for in vitri transcription without problems.
(I also add RNase with each prep and use fresh lysis solution)


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