Which pipetters to purchase?

Shiao Y. Wang sywang at whale.st.usm.edu
Mon Mar 28 22:02:49 EST 1994

J. David Spafford (jspaffor at gpu.srv.ualberta.ca) wrote:
: We are looking to buy new pipetters for our lab and would like some feedback
: as to which brands have worked best for others.  We have used Eppendorfs and
: are mildly happy with them. However, we found them difficult to calibrate
: ourselves.  I am impressed with the Gilson brand although they appear to be
: the most expensive.  Others, like the Nichiryo brand are cheaper, but is the
: quality the same?  We do a lot of PCR and cloning and need them to be
: accurate in the 1-10 ul, 10-100 ul, 100-1000 ul range.

I have been using pipetters from Costar now for approx 3 years and have
been very pleased with them. Positive points: 1) reasonable price (they
might still sell you 3 for the price of 2; with an institutional discount,
it can be a very good deal); 2) pretty rugged (can be autoclaved); 3) have
been quite accurate (we check often by weighing water); 4) good service
policy (we got prompt service with a part described below).

The only point I have reservations about concerns the 100-1000 ul
pipetter. Perhaps it was because of the blue tips we were using, the tips
wore a ring around the tip holder which led to occasional problems.
Costar suggested using their tips; apparently the tips we were using had
an inner lip around the top of the tip that essentially gouged the tip
holder over time. Costar replaced the tip holders free of charge.

No relationship to any vendor, etc.

: Thanks in advance.  (No sales people please).
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