Double stranded DNA sequencing

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> It seems like a lot of companies have recently changed their products for
> the worse.  We can't get the TACloning kits to work anymore, the cycle DNA
> cDNA synthesis kit used to be great, but then they took out the methyl
> mercury and made it the same as all the other cDNA kits.  Now the Magic to
> Wizard switch.  Did they do away with the mini-prep kits altogether, or is
> this the new version of what was called the Magic PCR clean-up kit?  I
> didn't have great luck with that to begin with.  Seemed like it was a
> different animal from the Mini-prep kit ( of course its a different type of
> DNA that it was supposed to work with).

Those were the days!

When our lab was but a smelly cardboard box and all we had was Wilson
Syringes and none of those fangled Gilson thingymajiggs.

Ahhhh!   I can almost smell the hovis.....bring out the branston!!!

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