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>... several people on the methods-and-reagents at net.bio.net
>usenet group have expressed interest in obtaining Klentaq. Any plans for
>distribution? Brett Lindenbach - brett at borcim.wustl.edu
>ps what does the LA in KlenTaq LA stand for --- long ass (amplification)?

Dear Brett

     Long and Accurate (the latter refers to the high fidelity).

     For general primer extension purposes, Klentaq1 and KTLA are availabe 
from Ab Peptides, St. Louis, MO USA       fax 314/644-2100.
Occasionally, it is available from me in my lab, where the money goes to my
lab, after the Dean takes a share.         -- Wayne
Barnes at biodec.wustl.edu    -------------------------
Wayne M. Barnes, Ph.D.             fax: 314/362-7183
Dept. Biochemistry 8231, Washington Univ. Med.School
St. Louis, Missouri 63110 USA       ph: 314/362-3351

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