Cleaning seq. plates with "Bon Ami"??

Steven Balt balt at spieden.Stanford.EDU
Tue Mar 29 12:56:50 EST 1994

Hello, all!  Our sequencing gels have been pouring rather poorly 
lately (no pun intended :) ) and we think we have narrowed down the
source of the problem to our new glass plates.

The glass plates have been scrubbed with "Bon Ami" brand cleanser
instead of the normal ICN "7X" cleaning solution or Windex.  Has anyone
else experienced any weird phenomena after cleaning with Bon Ami??
(In our case, the acrylamide solution accumulates in the _center_ of the
glass plates instead of sliding down the sides, like it should.)

The only "ingredient" listed on the Bon Ami label is calcium carbonate,
if that's any assistance to you.

(Oh, one more thing-- yes, one plate is silanized!)

Thanks in advance!  (I'll re-post any helpful responses)

Steve Balt
Dept. of Psychology
Stanford University
balt at

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