Sequencing gel combs (leakage)

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Tue Mar 29 09:14:12 EST 1994

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jgraham at writes:
>Has anyone figured out why sequencing gels will leak on many occasions
>allowing loaded samples to flow into adjacent spaces ? I use a "shark's
>tooth" comb and more than half of the time find movemnet of the laoded
>sample between the plate and the comb.

We had this problem for years.  One solution was to use a large hemostat
(clamp with scissors handle) on the top of gel sandwich after it had been
positioned in the electrophoresis apparatus.  The hemostat has to be
moved to load samples in the middle of the gel.  The more long term
solution turned out to be to use BRL sharks-toothed combs on the ABN gel
sandwiches and ABN sharks-toothed combs on the BRL gel sandwiches!

It seems silly enough that perhaps what happened was that the companies
made slightly thicker combs in response to complaints of leaky wells.

Good luck,

Jim Owens

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