Jr. High student looking for career info.

Ed Schutz schutz at vela.acs.oakland.edu
Tue Mar 29 21:23:25 EST 1994

I have to have a couple of interviews of people woring in the field of 
biology for class the morning of March 31.  My interest is in reptiles 
and amphibians, but any area of biology will do for the class 
requirement.  I would appreciate it if someone would take the time to  
send answers to the following questions as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance,
Tim Schutz

Career Interview

1. Your name:
2. What is your job title?
3. What is the name and location of your working place?
4. Describe what kind of work you do, duties and
5. Describe the environment you work in.
6. What are some advantages to this kind of work? (What do you
like about your job?)
7. Some disadvantages (What you dislike about your job.)
8. What are some educational requirements for this kind of work?
9. What kind of opportunities are there for advancement and
10. What is the salary range for your kind of job? fringe
11. What kind of personal characteristics are needed for your
12. Is your job physically or emotionally taxing in any way?
13. Are women treated equally in your kind of work?
14. What type of people do you work with?
15. Do you have any advise to prepare for this kind of work?
(courses, experience)
16. How did you happen to get into this type of work?
17. What other kind of work have you done and for how long?
18. Would you pursue the same career if you could live your life
19. Would you like to be doing this career 10 or 15 years from
20. Do you have any other information that you would like to tell
about your career?     

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