new BuildSampleSheet for ABI sequencer

Jaime Prilusky lsprilus at
Tue Mar 29 08:19:12 EST 1994

Subject: new release of BuildSampleSheet for ABI sequencer

A new release of the BuildSampleSheet (1.3), part of the (*)Automatic 
Sequencer ToolChest, is available at our anonymous FTP
            server (or
into the directory   pub/software/toolchest

This new version (1.3), differs from version 1.2 in that it allows the
specification of the number of samples per run.
The following line was added to the  #configuration# " file.

# data for building the sample sheet:
NumOfSamples = 36

(Logical values for NumOfSamples are 24 and 36. Any integer value is valid) 


The ABI 373A DNA Sequencer we are using, requires the filling of a
special Sample Sheet for each run of 24 lanes. Even when not complicated
in principle, this form needs to be filled carefully, since will provide
the base of running for the sequencer and will serve as a document for
further reference.

The BuildSampleSheet software, access the central data storage and
retrieves the data for each sample. This data is presented to the
laboratory manager in a scrolling list, who may, just by clicking, select
those samples that are going to be analyzed in the next run. No typing
involved. The software generates an ABI 373A DNA Sequencer compatible
Sample Sheet and a working protocol, to be used (once printed) by the
technician when loading the samples.

(*) The Automatic Sequencer ToolChest is a set of four Macintosh programs
that cover different aspects of the administration of an ABI Automatic
Sequencer laboratory: BuildSampleSheet, CopySeqFiles, CopyGel and

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