mRNA extraction kit

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Mon Mar 28 19:50:01 EST 1994

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> I want to obtain very good quality mRNA from cells.  I will start from
> small amounts of total RNA (30-100 microgram).  I am debating between the
> micro mRNA purification kit from pharmacia and the Polytract mRNA isolation
> system from Promega.  Which one should I use for good yield and quality ? I
> would like to hear from anybody who has used either system.
> Yves Boisclair
> yrbois at

I've tried the mRNA purification kit from Pharmacia and I got some
bad results.  Every time I got a large part of genomic DNA even if I follow
the instructions very strictly.  I would rather try the magnetic system of
Promega or Dynabeads.  I have a beter feeling about it.

Nathalie Landry

nlandry at

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