Double stranded DNA sequencing

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Wed Mar 30 12:38:20 EST 1994

In <Stephen_Lasky-280394084514 at>, Stephen_Lasky at (Stephen R. Lasky) writes:
>It seems like a lot of companies have recently changed their products for
>the worse.  ......   Now the Magic to
>Wizard switch.  Did they do away with the mini-prep kits altogether, or is
>this the new version of what was called the Magic PCR clean-up kit? 

The "Magic" resin was removed from the market because it was an illegal infringement 
on a patent held by BioRad. The original material is BioRad's "Prep-a-Gene". 

BioRad also makes an InstaGene resin for preparing PCR-able DNA from cell
lysates. We haven't used these - tried Prep-A-Gene once and it worked, but not any 
better than other methods. We always do PCR on bacterial plasmids from half a colony 
resuspended directly in the PCR reaction tube; works fine.

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