Gold Biotechnology and X-Gluc

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Wed Mar 30 07:06:33 EST 1994

E. Hack (Ethan.Hack at wrote:
: Gold Biotechnology was recommended some time last year as the cheapest
: supplier of the beta-glucuronidase histochemical substrate X-Gluc, but
: the only way specified to reach them was a US toll-free number.  Can
: anyone supply their address and/or a fax number?  Better still, does
: anyone know if they have a UK supplier?

Thanks to the net, I obtained Gold Biotechnology's US address:

    Gold BioTechnology Inc.
    7166 Manchester Rd. Suite 2W
    St. Louis, MO 63143
    Phone  (314) 647-2509
           (800) 248-7609
    FAX    (314) 647-4134

Gold Biotechnology will supply their products in the UK direct from
the USA, but a small (and helpful) company called VH Bio has just started to 
sell their X-gal, X-gluc, and IPTG in the UK.  The price is UKL85/100
mg, but they are quoting an introductory price of UKL76/100 mg; either
would make them cheaper than other UK suppliers for this package size.
The catalogue number is 08 001 01.  Their address is:

    VH Bio Ltd.
    P.O. Box 7
    Newcastle upon Tyne  NE3 4DB
    Phone: 091 492 0022
    Fax: 091 410 0916

Disclaimer: Despite their being based in Newcastle, I have no
connection with VH Bio and I have not (yet) bought anything from them.
Also, I have not tested Gold Biotechnology's X-Gluc and so have no
direct knowledge of whether its low price represents good value for

Ethan Hack
Department of Biological and Nutritional Sciences,
University of Newcastle, Newcastle upon Tyne  NE1 7RU, England
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