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>>In a previous article, brett at BORCIM.WUSTL.EDU () says:
>>>>... several people on the methods-and-reagents at net.bio.net
>>>>usenet group have expressed interest in obtaining Klentaq. Any plans for
>>>>distribution? Brett Lindenbach - brett at borcim.wustl.edu
>>KlenTaq is essentially idential to Delta Taq v. 2.0, which is sold by USB. 
>>It's cheap, works like a charm, and has replaced Taq as the PCR enzyme of
>>choice in my lab.


>Will Delta Taq v 2.0 PCR a 35Kb fragment for me??


KlenTaq might be the same as DeltaTaq 2.0.  However KlenTaqLA --
the enzyme used in the Barnes PNAS paper is a mixture of two
enzymes -- KlenTaq1 and Pfu.

If you added Pfu or Vent or some other error correcting 
thermophilic polymerase to DeltaTaq 2.0, it is very likely to
work for long PCRs.

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