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>> I am sure this has been covered before....
>> I am having trouble getting TIGHT bands with Northern blots from 
>> formaldehyde RNA gels...  When I cut off the ladder from the gel and look 
>> at it sideways the bands are "tilted" i.e. ( / )  and I am sure this is a 
>> problem when I transfer the RNA to a membrane causing the wide bands I am 
>> seeing.  I put 2.2M formaldehyde in the gel and use a standards MOPS 
>> buffer...
>> Might anybody suggest a better way?
>> Andrew Simmonds

Martin Kennedy replied

> I seem to remember someone round here having the same problem, due to
> formaldehyde diffusing out of the gel...... etc

Hi there,

See Biotechniques vol 14;380-381

ie put formaldehyde in the buffer (note 0.22 M final conc in gel and buffer).

Hope this helps.....it improved resolution for me.

regards from ianP
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