Clonemaster 96-well replicator - phone #?

Russell K. Chan chanruss at
Thu Mar 31 15:34:28 EST 1994

Does someone know the phone number of the company that sells a
Clonemaster 96-well multi-prong replicator.  "Immunsine Laboratories,
Inc"  is the name that appears on the replicator, but I have not be able
to find it listed in any of my Buyers' Guides.

I notice that the tips of the prongs of the Clonemaster have a special
design that appear to let them hold a larger volume of liquid as compared
to a plain replicator like the one I purchased from West Coast
Scientific.  If you have used both kinds, is there any special advantage
to using the Clonemaster?  We will be using it to inoculate bacterial
suspensions on large petri dishes or in microtiter plates.

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