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Francis Ouellette francis at borduas.nlm.nih.gov
Thu Mar 31 12:07:36 EST 1994

hide.machado at afrc.ac.uk (MACHADO) writes:
: 	Does anyone have the sequence of pUC118 and pUC119?
: 	Or know where I can get them?

there are different ways of getting these sequences:

1) from the retrieve server at NCBI: 

retrieve at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

send 'help' in the body of your message to get info on howw to use
this server, but this query would work:

datalib genbank
U07649 [acc]
U07650 [acc]

2) you could look at the WEB server at NCBI, the URL is: 

3) You could also use the gopher server at Indianna:

gopher ftp.bio.indiana.edu

look at:

 -->  5.  Genbank-Sequences/

      1.  About  [18Dec92, 4kb].
      2.  About-Search-Folders  [16Oct93, 2kb].
      3.  About-missing-words  [25Apr93, 2kb].
      4.  Search GenBank <?>
      5.  Search GenBank (latest full release)/ <}
      6.  Search GenBank (weekly updates)/ <} 
-->   7.  Search GenBank updates <?> 
      8.  Search Swiss-Protein <?> 
      9.  Search Swiss-Protein (latest full release)/ <} 
      10. Sequence searching via Gopher+/ 
      11.  Updates readme [30Mar94, 1kb].  
      12.  release brief [ 3Mar94, 7kb].  
      13.  release document [ 3Mar94, 77kb].  
      14.  swiss-prot.manual  [16Oct93, 75kb].  
      15.  swiss-prot.readme  [16Oct93, 2kb].
(I happen to know that pUC118/119 are recent addition, so if you look
in 7  with this querry:


you get:

      1.  Titles of matches to "puc11*".
      2.  Select items to return as one document. <}
 -->  3.  (1) U07649 Cloning vector pUC118, complete sequence..
      4.  (2) U07650 Cloning vector pUC119, complete sequence..
      5.  (3) D14534 Rice Rel1 gene..
      6.  (4) D14535 Rice Tnr2 gene..

so items 3 and 4 are what you are looking for ...



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