adenylate cyclase defficient cells

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> Dear netters:
> I heard that there is a cell line that is defficient in adenylate cyclase.
> Therefore, this cells cannot produce cAMP. Does anybody knows what cells
> are these and where can I get them? 
>         In the same line, are there any cell line that do not express
> protein kinase C or A? 
>         I will appreciate any comment and directions.

There are many mutant of the S49 cell line that have a deficient adenylyl
cyclase system. I don't have any references handy (they're all home) but
I remember S49 cyc-, h21 and unc-.

I remember that S49 cyc- lacks Gs and therefore cannot activate the cyclase.
The other cell lines have similar mutations. Unfortunately, I don't think any
of them lack the adenylate cyclase or the PKA. I know that P.A. Insel and C.C.
Malbon worked with them a few years ago.

Hope this helps. It would have been better if I had the references. Maybe 

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