Cleaning seq. plates with "Bon Ami"??

Jeffrey Vance jmv at
Thu Mar 31 22:43:42 EST 1994

Steven Balt (balt at spieden.Stanford.EDU) wrote:

: Hello, all!  Our sequencing gels have been pouring rather poorly 
: lately (no pun intended :) ) and we think we have narrowed down the
: source of the problem to our new glass plates.

: The glass plates have been scrubbed with "Bon Ami" brand cleanser
[stuff deleted]
I & countless other grad students have used Bon Ami & bottle brushes
to clean sequencing gel plates. It took lots of water & one EtOH rinse,
but we rarely pored over bubbles & gel sliding down the middles of
plates. We did not use Silane or even Rain-X (you can even make this
at home).

In this lab, we use Alconox, another powdered soap which we dissolve in
water first & then scrub the plates with sponges. The techs love Silane
& Acrylease & put it on both sides of some plates: it seems to expedite
gel pouring.

Hope this doesn't put you into a stupor!
***DUMC Neurology***

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