PCR from hair follicles/buccal(sp?) cells

Acer forrest at biosci.uq.oz.au
Sun May 1 00:42:54 EST 1994


>	We are going to try to carry out pcr analysis from samples sent by 
>mail. The idea is to test samples with 5-6 different microsatellite markers.
>For complicated reasons it will be difficult to get blood samples, but 
>hair follicles or buccal(sp.?) cell scrapings from the mouth are easy to 
>get. Can anyone suggest references for such a procedure, or relate there
>own experience? Do hair follicles, buccal smears travel well? That is could
>they be sent by regular mail? Also can you get reliable pcr from them?
>By the way, these are human samples. Thanks for any help which can be pro-

	During my honours I used a protocol used for preparing DNA from hairs
published in Biotechniques that involved digestion of a single hair in 200ul
of a rapid hair digestion buffer containing (10mM Tris HCl, pH 8.0, 0.9% 
Polyoxyethylene 10 lauryl ether (laureth 10), 35mM DTT and 50ug/ml Proteinase K)
This was digested at 50 degrees celcius for 30min and then the undigested 
material was pelleted and 1ul was used in a PCR. I also used this sucessfully 
on 1cm portions of feather.

reference : Hopgood, R., Sullivan, K.M. & Gill P (1992)
Biotechniques, 13(1):82-92

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