$2.50/base Oligos

Rob Steele resteele at uci.edu
Sun May 1 19:36:17 EST 1994

  We have been very happy with Genset Corp of La Jolla.  When we first
started buying from them, they charged $2.50/base.  I assume they still
do, although we have a blanket purchase order with them, so I haven't
checked in a while.  The best thing about Genset is that you program
the synthesizer "directly" via e-mail (if you have a standing PO# to
include with the e-mail submission).  This greatly speeds up the
process and cuts down on errors in sequence entry (if the wrong
sequence gets entered, you have only yourself to blame).  Genset will
send you the information about the format for e-mail submission of
orders. You get the oligos (resuspended in Milli-Q water at about 1
nmole per microliter and ready to use) by Federal Express (usually) two
days after sending in your e-mail order.  In addition you get an e-mail
confirmation that your order has been received and processed. 
  Genset's address information is as follows:

          GENSET Corp.
          505 Coast Blvd., South
          Suite 200
          La Jolla, CA  92037
          Tel:  (619) 551-6551
          Fax:  (619) 551-6544 

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