isolation of DNA from bracken

A.J.W. Hall ajwh1 at
Mon May 2 09:47:43 EST 1994


   I am isolating DNA from bracken (pteridium aquilinum) using a CTAB 
 method. This method is fine for isolating DNA from a huge range of 
plants. I can get bracken DNA to ppt in ethanol but after washing it, it 
is almost impossible to desolve it all even when the solution is 
warmed to 60 C for a few mins. The resulting solution is thick, similar 
to fragmented salmon sperm,  with strands of undesolved DNA.  Spec 
gives a value of 0.64 mg/ml.
   The DNA is also difficult to cut with restriction enzyme ( this is not 
due to the CTAB) and when run out on gel ethidium Bromide heavily 
stains something in the well.

1. Does any one have a simple alternative method?
2. Does someone out there know why my DNA fails to desolve? Could 
it be co-purification of something with the DNA , if so how do I get rid 
of it.

Anthony Hall 
ajwh1 at

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