$2.50/base Oligos

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Mon May 2 14:47:16 EST 1994

Christine Ward  <CVMCKW at VTVM1.CC.VT.EDU> wrote:
>    I am new to the world of DNA sequencing and recent talk on the net of
>$2.50/base oligos has spurred my interest. Does anyone have the name, address,
>phone# of a fast, reliable company that produces good quality oligos for

Look in the back pages of the April 22 issue of Science.  Four US-based 
compnaies advertised, with one (a well established company) offering a 
regular price of $2.19/base plus set up, no quantity specified.  Three 
other companies have low introductory or May-only special prices:  one 
for $1.99/base (no set-up; ship in 24 hr, column purifed, >200 ug), one 
for $1.95/base (0.2 umole, no set up charge), and one for $1.75 per base 
(no set up fee, shipped in 24 hr, no qunatity specified). All prices 
are US$.  I have not ordered from any of these firms, but my experience is 
that they all offer to keep making you oligo for free until they get it 

There is another company that lets you order through Fisher Scientific 
(contact your sales rep for pricing, quantity, and turn-around info).  This 
is convenient for most labs, as they usually have a standing or 
blanket order with Fisher Scientific. 

There probably are many more, as new operations have been sprouting up 
very rapidly in the last few months. 

This leads me to my comment and question...

I have been getting my oligos at a local core-grant supported facility (in 
my building) for as low as $1.85/base, 0.2 umole scale, no set-up, no 
shipping charge.  As the commercial prices have fallen, many labs here have 
begun to order oligos from outside enterprises.  It seems that as the price 
drops futher, it will become more and more difficult for the on-campus 
facility to maintain its volume and will have to raise prices or to cease 
operations.  Has this happened to anyone yet at their institution?If not, 
how has it been avoided: more subsidy or better efficiency?
Curt Ashendel
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN
ashendel at aclcb.purdue.edu

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