proteins and plasma clearance

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> Hello
> In my experiments I injected different proteins into the veins of
> >animals. But after the injections I discovered that the proteins were
> >degraded very quickly (60 % were not precipitable with TCA after 15
> >min.). 
> >
> >Is anybody able to tell me which part of the immune system is responsible
> >for this? Has anybody done similar experiments, or can anyone provide me
> >with a literature reference? Perhaps somebody can give me a hint as to
> >how I can inhibit or decrease this very fast degradation.

Which veins are u injecting into....

My pharmacokinetics are pretty rusty (should know this stuff as i am in a
pharmacology dept.) How about the liver. May be first pass effect.
(hmmm.... not sure if this is for veins as well as arteries.)

Could also be the blood cells (WBC's) taking up and destroying this foreign
body. T-cells??

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will be ragging on him now forever'  Leach


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