A readable but not aesthetic sequencing gel

Hinayana Bawagan bawagan at umdnj.edu
Tue May 3 00:47:19 EST 1994

    My sequencing gels can give me the information I want but they are not
beautiful.  I just hate this.  I get lanes that tend to constrict.  I do blow
the airbubbles off the wells to remove the urea with a glass pipette.  As
soon as the temp is around 50, I load the samples but not fast enough to keep
the temp from dipping to below 45.  I have trouble reusing the same tip when
others in my lab can just use one and seldom get it clogged.  
     I am using the Sequenase Version 2 kit.  Anyone out there can give me
their reliable bag of tricks that you can not get from a book but can only
be learned from experience.
     Thank you.

Carpe diem,


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