problems with oligolabelling

Shiao Y. Wang sywang at
Wed May 4 21:15:50 EST 1994

: We are experiencing a sudden rash of problems with oligolabelling short
: cDNA fragments.  Our rate of incorporation has been declining steadily and
: now is a consistent 1-15% at best. 

Have you considered bad labelled nucleotide? NEN had a bad batch of
labelled nucleotides about 3-4 weeks ago. We had alot of problems
oligolabelling - very poor incorporation. Didn't suspect nucleotide until
NEN shipped a new vial of nucleotide out of the blue as replacement w/o us
asking for it. When we called, NEN explained the problem. Pretty upset
folks here. People thought they should have called as soon as
they found out that the nucleotide was bad.

Bottom line: call the supplier of the labelled nucleotide and ask if they
know of a problem with that particular batch.

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