pBK-CMV / pBK-RSV transfection

Wed May 4 09:16:54 EST 1994

Dear netters,

I need to express several parvovirus cDNAs in bovine primary lung cells
used as host for the virus.  To help produce enough of these putative
proteins we would like to use a vector which will replicate in the cells.
We know that the SV40 ori (in pBK-C/RSV) operates in these cells
but are concerned about the CMV / RSV promoters operation and/or effect
in the above host cells.  Any gut reactions?  I am planning to remove the
CMV/RSV promoter and provide our BPV promoter as well as to use the vector
promoter to drive expression.

If anyone has used either of these two vectors, I would appreciate it if
you would share your experience with me.  Is one vector better than the
Thanks for your help

Laura Via (a misplaced microbiologist in a lab of cell-cycle fanatics)
Va Tech, Blacksburg VA
LEVIA at VTVM1.cc.vt.edu

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