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> I am trying to use a video camera/image capture board to image gels and
> have the difficulty that the camera video chip sees the uv even after it
> passes through the yellow filter used for polaroid cameras.  The result is
> that we can see the light bulbs beautifully, but the bands on the gel don't
> show up much.  Does anyone know of a filter system/camera combination that
> works for this? (We have tried a number of cameras, from cam corders to b/w
> surveillance cameras, to a panasonic 5100 with the same results).

Get hold of a filter type P70-600-R from Corian, Holliston, MA. This is a 
2-inch diameter band pass filter with a 600-nm transmittance peak and a 70-nm
half-maximal bandwith. Price $180. Have a look at Biotechniques, June 93 
pp902-5. I still see the UV bulbs depending upon which transilluminator I use.
A new UV Products one is particularly bad whilst a very old one with a UV
degraded filter (white on the UV bulb side but still allows UV through) is 
fine. The problem is that the CCD chip is sensitive right across the


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