using MacConkey agar for "red/white" selection

Thomas Rude thrude at
Thu May 5 14:22:08 EST 1994

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|Viraj <vam2 at> wrote:
|>Hi Netters,
|>I wanted to order some MacConkey agar for red/white color selection of
|>recombinants, but noticed there are several different kinds that one
|>can order from Difco.  Does anyone know which catalog number is the
|>correct one?
	Difco Number  0075-01-9
	We have been using this selection procedure for five years
	now and it works fine. We don't use IPTG but the color selection
	would probably be faster with the IPTG. The actual time for color
	selection can be anywhere from 16 to 36 hours depending on E.coli
	strain used. (*** isn't it nice not to pay for X-Gal ****) :-)

	Tom Rude

|>Dept. Org. Biol. & Anat.
|>Univ. Chicago

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