kaleidoscope prestained standards

Fri May 6 17:24:45 EST 1994

Dear Netters--

Recently we have begun using Bio-Rad kaleidoscope prestained standards for
our protein gels as knowing the exact molecular weight of a protein of
interest is very important at this time. The problem is that upon tranferring
the proteins onto nitrocellulose (we use a semi-dry transfer apparatus) the
lower molecular weight markers (6.5K, 17.1K, and occassionally 29.9K) fade
shortly after transfer. Bio-Rad says that in their hands these markers do
not after transfer in their hands and only two people (myself included) have
called regarding a fading phenomenon. Their technical staff is currently
helping us with the situation. However, I was wondering if anyone in bionet
land had noticed the same phenomenon without calling Bio-Rad technical
Thanks for any imput---
Darla Wise
Va Tech
cvmdjw at vtvm1.cc.vt.edu

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