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Fri May 6 13:06:34 EST 1994

In article <16FAB95B.YMMCS023 at TWNMOE10.Edu.TW>, YMMCS023 at TWNMOE10.Edu.TW writes:
> Would anyone tell me the simplest way to store whole blood sample? I am a clini
> cal psychiatrist with "biological mind". I frequently meet patients with bipola
> r disorder and schizophrenia with familial aggregation. While I get the consent
> s of the patients or their families to draw their blood I hesitate to do it. Th
> ere are so many samples that I cannot afford to do it (or I don't wnat to do it
> ). Although I know those samples will be useful someday in the future.
> I try to collect a psychiatric DNA bank but I don't want to spend time extracti
> ng DNA currently. I have no assistant. Would it be
> O.K. that I add DMSO or glycerol in the whole blood and store it in -70,C ? Wou
> ld the DNA of these sample be OK with this method of storage? How about the whi
> te blood cells? Is it possible that I transform the white blood cells with this
> method of storage in the future?     Thanks.

	We simply freeze the whole blood (in a plasic tube) AT -70. We have 
never added DMSO or glycerol. We have extracted DNA from 10-15 mL frozen 
blood samples that have been stored more than 2 years. I would think you 
would get DNA from even older samples. The yield of DNA from frozen blood 
is considerably lower than from fresh blood, even if only frozen for a few 
days. We have no experience with transforming cells from frozen blood.

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