Is there any way to fill recessed 5' termini?

Huanquan Zheng zheng at cc.Helsinki.FI
Sun May 8 08:28:12 EST 1994

Huanquan Zheng (zheng at cc.Helsinki.FI) wrote:
> Hi,
> I know the Klenow fragment of E.Coli polymerase can be used to fill
> 3' termini, and today one colleague told me there is one can be used
> to fill 5' termini, he does not remember, and he thought it is also
> Klenow fragment, but not so sure.

> Does any one here have such experience to fill 5' termini with klenow
> fragment? I do not want to remove the 3' termini which is overhang.

Sorry, actually what I asked here is whether there is any optional way to
fill 5' termini rather than polymerase, anyone has such exprirences
please e-mail me your protocol. 

thank you for your suggestions.

Huanquan Zheng 	郑环泉,四川人,混日子的, 

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