Concatemer Chain Reaction (CCR

Alex Novoradovsky alexey at HELIX.NIH.GOV
Mon May 9 16:23:10 EST 1994

To whom it may concern
Recently working on the microsatellite (STR) genotyping, using the Model 
373A-Sequencer (Applied Biosystems), I encountered a problem of mistyping 
the alleles due to some intrinsic properties of internal DNA size 
standards. I proposed the idea of creating a novel DNA size "ladder", 
based on the ability of partially complementary oligonucleotides to be 
extended in PCR and result in  DNA-concatemers with different number of 
repeated motifs, the process, known under the name of concatemer chain 
reaction (CCR) [White et al. Anal Biochem.1991;  199(2):184-190.]. I 
succeeded to generate a ladder, that provides a high resolution within 
the range of 30 - 210 bp, using specially designed set of primers and PCR 
conditions. This result makes me enthusiastic, however the method is still 
not free of problems.
I am seeking for  interested researchers and groups, who would like to 
share  this study and provide fruitful ideas about this and any other 
applications of CCR. For  example, I successfully employed CCR for 
generating a high-molecular weight triplet-DNA-concatemers, which were 
used as control templates for repeated expanded DNA detection technique 
(RED) [Schalling et al. Nature Genetics. 1993: 135-139].
I would also appreciate any information about any opened research 
positions or jobs, involved above mentioned matters.
Please, contact me by e-mail address: alexey at
Alexey Novoradovsky Ph.D.

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