Coexpression of isotypes?

Jill Schaller JillL.Schaller at
Mon May 9 14:47:34 EST 1994

Subject: Coexpression of isotypes?
From: Peter Kristensen, ptk at
Date: Fri, 6 May 1994 08:44:57 GMT
In article <CpDHMy.DzH at> Peter Kristensen,
ptk at writes:
>I have cloned Ab secreting hybridomas 15 times by limiting dilution and
>isotyped the Abs several times along the way. The result has always been
>the same : gamma 2a, gamma 3, kappa and lambda chains. After 15 clonings
>I find it difficult to believe that the cells are not monoclonal. Has
>anybody ever heard of coexpression of more than one isotype? Or do you
>think that they are still not clean?
>		Best wishes   Lisbeth


I also have a difficult time believing that these cells are not
monoclonal.  One cloning is usually enough to ensure
monoclonality....twice at most.  I HAVE seen this phenomenon once or
twice before, but with cells that had only been cloned once and
attributed it to the cell line not being monoclonal yet and in need of
additional cloning.  Now you've got me wondering.  Hmmmmmmm

Jill Schaller

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