semi-dry blotter

Mon May 9 17:47:36 EST 1994

 On Mon,  9 May 94  "ttha at (Tom Thatcher)" Wrote:
>I am looking for recommendations on semi-dry blotters for
>Western blotting.  We used to have a Gelman Bio-Trans which
>used flat graphite plates and we loved it.  The plates are
>worn out and we need to replace it.  We are currently trying
>a BioRad unit which has been giving us some problems with
>uniformity and conditions.
>Which brand of semi-dry blotter do you like, and have had
>good success with?  Do you know of anyone that still sells
>graphite semi-dry blotters?
>Tom Thatcher
>University of Rochester
>ttha at
Hi, Tom-
I have used the NovaBlot system from Pharmacia with good results.
This unit can do fairly large gels, up to 20 x 25 cm.  You can load
up to six gels in a stack to run simultaneously.  The current list
price of the unit (exclusive of power supply) is $827.  Their name
keeps changing- it is now Pharmacia Biotech Inc., 800 Centennial
Ave., Piscataway, NJ 08854; (800) 526-3593.
The electrodes are graphite, and are sold separately (individually)
should you need a replacement.  In my experience, the little wires
between the removable electrodes and the apparatus are susceptible to
breaking.  The apparatus (holds electrodes and has cover) is part of
the Multiphor electrophoresis system, so if you have need for flat-bed
electrophoresis or IEF you can purchase a few extra goodies and do
everything on one apparatus.  We are doing 2-D electrophoresis on precast
first and second dimension gels, then silver staining or blotting to
PVDF for immunostaining- very sensitive and repeatable.
Standard disclaimer- I have no interest in the company, etc.  Hope
this helps.

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