CO2 incubator, microscope, etc. - your preferences?

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Mon May 9 17:08:53 EST 1994

Subject: CO2 incubator, microscope, etc. - your preferences?
From: U10784
Date: Fri, 6 May 1994 13:52:17 CDT
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>Hi, bionetters,
>I am in the middle of setting up a tissue culture section of our new
>lab and need some pointers as to what is the state of the art in TC
>We will need CO2 incubator (x2), low temp freezer (liq N2 is outdated,
>it? :-)), microscope and Coulter counter.
>All and any suggestions will be appreciated and - if there is sufficient
>interest - I will post a summary.


Our facility is equiped with a Forma laminar flow hood, Forma dual
chamber CO2 incubator and liquid nitrogen storage tanks (Cryomed model
CMS-80) for cryopreservation of cell lines.  Our Unitron inverted light
microscope is old, but serves it's purpose.

Jill Schaller
Assistant Director
University of Michigan Hybridoma Facility

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