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sznew at othello.ucdavis.edu sznew at othello.ucdavis.edu
Tue May 10 03:02:16 EST 1994

Please accept my apologies for my recent non-post.

I am interested in epitope tagging several yeast proteins but am not sure 
which is the best epitope to use or which company to purchase antibody 
from.  As far as I can tell, there are currently 4 epitopes for which there
are commercially available antibodies: influenza HA, c-myc, T7 tag 
(Novagen), and FLAG (Kodak/IBI).  I understand that some of the 
antibodies are not very good (high background with some organisms) or 
that antibody quality varies with supplier.

I would appreciate comments from those who have used one or (especially) 
more of the above epitopes. Please include the name and address of the 
antibody supplier and your impression of the quality of the 
antibody you used.  Finally, even if you haven't any experience with 
them, I would like to know the names and addresses of companies marketing 
anti-HA antibody.

Thanks for the help.

Jim New

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