antibody request

Dorothy Wright dorothy at
Tue May 10 17:37:14 EST 1994

I am trying to find an antibody to desmin for use in a tissue culture double 
labeling.  I need either a monoclonal raised in mice that is IgM (best option)
or a polyclonal raised in rabbit, either IgG or IgM but not an unpurified serum.  
The antibody can be to any species desmin so long as it cross reacts with mouse.
(I don't think that is a problem).

Catalogues I have looked in have only mouse raised monoclonals that are IgG
(no good, my other antibody is mouse-raised IgG) or polyclonal serum, which
will probably give way too much background for a double labeling.
Please respond by email as I don't manage to keep up with this file all the 
time.  Thanks,


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