TA cloning kit problems

ellenmq at nickel.ucs.indiana.edu
Wed May 11 00:46:27 EST 1994

douglas l feinstein (dlfeins at cumc.cornell.edu) wrote:
: Recently we have had serious problems using the Promega TA cloning kit.
: 	Until this problem is solved, I'd like to find out other sources for a
: good TA cloning kit. Also, there was a TA vector developed by someone and
: being made available, posted here about a month ago. I assume that it was
:  pac1 cuttable vector that would yield T overhangs, or some related
: enzyme. If this is still available, I'd like to get an aliquot.

I'd like to suggest a TA cloning vector from Novagen that I have been using
with great success called T7-blue. You need only buy the vector which is 
priced reasonably (be careful of shipping costs...), they recommend
using "NovaBlue" competent cells, but it appears that XL1-Blue is an identical
E.coli strain and is what I had in the lab. A number of other labs here have
began using this vector as well and have been pleased with the results. 
Their phone number is 1-800-526-7319. I wish you good luck in your research.

-Ellen M. Quardokus
 Dept. Biology
 Indiana University-Bloomingto

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