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>I would be grateful to have any well-tested and reliable protocols for making 
>lambda DNA packaging extracts.  I know that various methods manuals advise 
>buying them, but they are rather expensive and the protocol in Meth. Enzymol.
>Vol 152 pp 194-195 doesn't look that formidable.   However, if your experience 
>suggests that I should take the manuals' advice, I'd be glad to hear about it. 
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Hi Robert,
quite time consuming and you had to find the optimum amount of each 
extract in a test packaging.  I switched to using commercial single 
extract system (Promega's Packagene).  Unless you are going to do 
alot of packaging, I think it is worth buying the extracts.  I also think 
that the single extract system is better than the two extract system.  
It is simpler to use and you do not have false positive plaques due
to lambda DNA in the extract.
   I hope this is of help.
           Simon Futers (futers at
P.S.  I have no connection with Promega other than being a customer :-)


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