Please support bionet.microbiology

Dan Diaz bl275 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Thu May 12 00:30:02 EST 1994

just a note to the many bacteriologists and other interested parties who
have in the past expressed an interest in a forum for discussion of all
aspects of the microbiological sciences.

a proposal for the creation of bionet.microbiology has been posted and is
currently under discussion in bionet.general.  i urge those of you
interested in seeing this forum created to read the proposal and to support
the creation of the newsgroup, especially as some have used the proposal as
the launching point for a broad discussion of whether there are too many
bionet groups already, whether more newsgroups leads to fragmented
communication and other issues, which although deserving of discussion, do
not necessarily bear directly upon the merit of bionet.microbiology.

so please wander into bionet.general, read whats going on, and contribute
your thoughts to the matter, focusing on the merits of creating this new
and exciting forum for general microbiology.


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