Protein in NC membrane

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Wed May 11 13:03:50 EST 1994

This is in response to the posting requesting methods to 
elute out protein bound to nitrocellulose membranes.  
I asked some of our scientists (we manufacture nitrocellulose
and other membranes) and the answer to your question is:

Triton x100 is the preferred surfactant to elute out protein bound to
nitrocellulose membranes,  .1% solution to start.  The more hydrophobic
the protein is the more triton you will need, up to 1% solution in
low salt conditions.  Triton x100 will stabilize protein better than PEG.

Polyethylene gylcol (PEG) is the second choice and also needs 
low salt conditions.

Hope this information helps.  If you need more assistance please let
me know and I will put you in touch with our scientists.

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