CO2 incubator, microscope, etc. - your preferences?

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> Subject: CO2 incubator, microscope, etc. - your preferences?
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> >Hi, bionetters,
> >
> >I am in the middle of setting up a tissue culture section of our new
> >lab and need some pointers as to what is the state of the art in TC
> equipment
> >field.
> >We will need CO2 incubator (x2), low temp freezer (liq N2 is outdated,
> isn't
> >it? :-)), microscope and Coulter counter.
> >
> >All and any suggestions will be appreciated and - if there is sufficient
> >interest - I will post a summary.
> >
> >Thanks,

DO NOT i repeat DO NOT get REVCO INCUBATORS. we got the new state of the
art copper lined revco incubators in nov 92.  the first 3 double stacks
could not maintain temp constantly overheating.  it took us many months and
dead cells to get revco to replace these machines (it turns out that there
was a microprocessor defect in the design and they quickly changed the new
models, however, they were not so quick to tell us about the defect). 
Finally replaced them with 3 brand new improved models in oct 93 (note that
it took a year of constant complaints).  guess what this is not the happy
ending that you think. 

 One of the new incubators is RUSTING, yes RUSTING. for some reason water
is escaping from the inside of the incubator and collecting between the
outer and inner doors and the net result is that our 9 month incubator is
RUSTING. REVCO has offered to repaint the rust spots but has no solution to
the condensation problem. Their service department is totally unresponsive
and repainting our 9 month incubator is not an acceptable solution.  DO NOT

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