heat denaturation of sequencing

jkeithan_eff at opal.tufts.edu jkeithan_eff at opal.tufts.edu
Wed May 11 14:59:57 EST 1994

I've had great success with a protocol found in Biotechniques Feb 93 vol 14
no.2:168 by David Barker. This procedure saves me at least an hour, gives me
sequence close (within ~20 nucleotides) of the primer, and helped tremendously
with pausing in a sequence that has a high GC content. The only downfall is
that the sequence is too weak to read, if not nonexistent, after a 6 hr run or
aprox. 350 bases. I have made a few modifications which fine tuned it for my
own purposes; if you think you'd like a copy of this just let me know by

Joann Keithan

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