genomic libraries and Gigapack kit?

David Hoffman dhoffman at spot.Colorado.EDU
Wed May 11 11:29:08 EST 1994

Hello everyone!  Our lab studies hypotrichous ciliates...and we need help 
constructing genomic libraries in bacteriophage lambda.  The gentleman who
constructed the libraries we're using now has left the lab, and the protocols
he left behind are ineffectual and generally useless (as are, unfortunately,
most of the libraries he left us).  His libraries are not representative - it's
common for someone screening one to purify 10 clones, and upon making DNA from
them they discover that all 10 are identical.

My question is this:  can someone out there with considerable experience in
constructing lambda libraries refer me to a quality protocol?  Either provide
a reference or two in the literature, or send me one that has worked in the
laboratory?  And second, has anyone out there had any experience with the Stratagene Gigapack kit?  Positive or negative?  We're considering purchasing the kit,
but it's $550, so it would be nice to have a little feedback.             

Please send replies via e-mail, if possible.  I don't get to read this group as
often as I'd like.

Thanks for your consideration!

Dave Hoffman
Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology
University of Colorado, Boulder


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