re-request for epitope tags

David Huen s.d.huen at
Thu May 12 16:40:59 EST 1994

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(Juliette Faraco) wrote:
> I would really appreciate it if someone would please give some information
> on genereting recombinant proteins fused to epitope tags. What are the
can use PCR-primer to tag at either end.
> various choices of tags? What are people's experiences with N-term
> or C-term epitope fusions? Which epitope tags tend to interfere with
> function or structure of the fused protein of interest?
> What are the merits/ disadvantages of these tags?:
>        flu/HA tag
>        substance P tag
>        c-myc tag
This is based on the monoclonal 9E10, available from ATCC, I think. So you
can produce all you want cheaply. Been used to tag MAP kinase, raf, ras
without apparent problem. I've used their constructs with this tag and
because 9E10 is not sensitive, you don't have much trouble with endogenous
c-myc provided you can over-express your tagged protein.
>        "FLAG" tag
You have to buy this monoclonal from IBI, don't you? Doubt if it comes
>        Strep tag

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